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The Real HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray Story


Research Uncovers Technology That Could Destroy Film and TV Studios

Over on the Huffington Post, writer Toby Barlow exposes this ‘technology’:

"Panic swept through Hollywood today as producers and studio executives, already embattled by the writer’s strike, learned of an ancient tool recently unearthed by a team of international scientists. Placed in the hands of ordinary Americans, this primitive technology threatens to completely destabilize the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.

"It’s called a ‘book’ and it’s pronounced like ‘cook,"’ said one worried Hollywood insider. "This really couldn’t come at a worse time for us. With the strike going on, and nothing but reruns or crappy reality shows hitting the airwaves, there’s a good chance your average Joe might look elsewhere. And if he gets his hands on one of these so called ‘books,’ well, we’re totally screwed."

Books are ancient devices for storing information. They come commercial free, use no electricity, need no time to download, and are entirely portable. They are available in premium "hardback" editions and more affordable "soft cover" editions. They can also contain loads of sex and violence without any kind of rating system whatsoever. " . . .