A letter to the Editor of our local paper from Thursday 24-Nov-16:

Love us or leave us

To the Millennium Generation: Not exactly sure what you are/were being taught at universities, but apparently you either missed too many government classes or the instructors are programming you to believe that a socialist nation is better than our republic. If that’s the case, maybe we should do away with these institutions and direct people to trade schools.

I suggest that you get hold of some “old” history books to see what life is like in a socialist society. Ask folks who did whatever they could to come to America why they left everything behind. Why are so many Cubans trying to leave Cuba?

It wasn’t so long ago that communism ruled much of Eastern Europe. People had very little — food, clothing or personal freedom. And, as the world found out, socialism/communism doesn’t work.

In a republic, we vote and the majority rules/wins. Unfortunately, what your minions have displayed (with the media’s blessing) is exactly what our enemies rejoice in.

What you show the world is nothing more than a spoiled, self-centered child throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get your way. With that display of maturity, maybe we should consider raising the voting age.

If life here in America is so bad, please feel free to move to another country. Venezuela, Cuba or even Russia come to mind.

Marsha Oldinski, Englewood

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