Be very careful with what Android apps you run on your phone…

Be very careful with what Android apps you run on your phone…

I recently had occasion to try and ascertain what IP addresses my Droid Turbo was using both on and off WiFi. A quick Google search turned up several recommendations for an app called OS Monitor which I installed.

In browsing the opened TCP/IP connections for the various applications I noticed that there was a couple of connections for ES File Explorer – a file management application that I had installed about a year ago and had used sporadically. The application wasn’t shown as running on the phone however. Clicking on the connection showed that the two connections were routed to Beijing, China and Hong Kong.

Having seen the 60 minutes episode last Sunday about Chinese Industrial Espionage I decided to immediately uninstall the application and reboot my phone. Running the OS Monitor app again those two illicit connections were no longer present.

It may be that they were only tracking usage statistics, however in that case the connections shouldn’t have been established without the application running. In any case I’m not comfortable with a surreptitious process running on my phone sending who knows what to China.

Let’s be careful out there… the job that you save may be your own.

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