Visual Studio 2010 Best Practices eBook

I’m in the process of reading the Visual Studio 2010 Best Practices eBook published by Packt Publishing: This is an instructional book written by Peter Ritchie that presents ‘best practices’ to use when developing software using Microsoft’s .NET. The presented material helps both new and seasoned software developers benefit from a series of patterns that will yield consistently superior results when used in context to construct software. 

The material is divided into several chapters that each address a broad area of software development. Terminology and principles are presented, then a series of common problems are addressed. The best practices are presented as a Context – ‘when encountering this’; followed by the recommended Practice – ‘use this approach’. While this format is not one that I have seen before, it can be effective.

I’ve only read through a few chapters so far and the material is well thought out and presented. I have encountered some of the contexts that are identified and attempted to find reasonable solutions through online research – sometimes becoming more uncertain of the best approach. This eBook has provided some guidance in a those areas.



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