Annoying Android Bugs

Back in October of last year I purchased a Motorola XOOM tablet. Very nice, and it is supposed to be a “Google Experience” device – which hopefully means that the software will be maintained and updated.

When I purchased it the Android version was Honeycomb.  I added a few different apps – Evernote, Amazon Kindle Reader, News360, Google Reader, Google Currents and Google +. I enjoyed using it.

Somewhere along the way, I started experiencing an Android error message that would pop-up: “The Android.Media.Process has stopped.” There was an option to send a report when this happened and I always did but I think that they just fall on the floor or into a bit bucket somewhere. The problem got worse and worse so I started researching a solution.

Several people indicated that they got relief by going into the Settings, Apps, All Apps, Media Storage and clearing the cache. I did this and the problem disappeared for about a day then returned. So I basically suffered with it, clearing the cache whenever it happened and cursing at whoever might be reading the crash reports.

In January the Xoom was upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. Awesome – maybe this will fix the problem. Unfortunately no – the crashes kept occurring and could be temporarily ameliorated by clearing the media storage cache.

Doing some more research I saw a few people report that they were able to clear this problem by uninstalling Google + and Google Currents. What the heck, give it a try.

Voila !  So far the problem has disappeared.  What the heck – why should Google know how to write apps for their own operating system ?

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