Acronis True Image Home 2012 – $40 of hell…

I’ve been using Acronis True Image Home 11 for quite some time – and was generally pleased with it’s operation. One thing that it wouldn’t do however was to backup over a network share. We recently installed a DLink NAS, and I wanted to be able to schedule backups to it – something that XP’s backup also wouldn’t do. So I purchased the latest Acronis version – True Image Home 2012.

Whatever you do, don’t buy this program – it’s a total piece of shit.

Whenever it starts it checks for a newer version – even if you say no, it exits the program and goes into the installer. It says that there is a newer version available, but then says that it can’t find it. If you quit the installer, the program hoses the existing install. Then, get this – it won’t even uninstall – it fails the uninstall. And even better, if you chose to send the error information to Acronis via a link in their install program, the support e-mail is rejected by their server ! After it hoses the install, two services that it installs consistently fail on subsequent reboots.

I downloaded a ‘cleaner’ from their website that purports to remove all traces of any versions of their software from your system and ran it. Took quite awhile, and seemed to do what it claimed to do. Funny that their uninstall process couldn’t do the same thing but who am I to tell them how to write commercial software.

Did a reinstall, and everything seemed OK.

Having wasted about 2 hours messing with this piece of shit I got on with my work. In the process I right clicked on a file to view its properties and was surprised to see a new tab labeled Acronis Recovery. What’s this ?  I clicked on the tab and my mouse froze. Keyboard still worked, but no mouse – great !  Plugging and un-plugging the Microsoft Intellimouse USB didn’t restore funtionality. However if I logged out and then logged back in, the mouse started working again. Sweet !  OK, don’t touch that new tab that Acronis has polluted Windows Explorer with.

At the end of the day, I wanted to perform a backup. So I started Acronis, and again it ignored my intentions and tried to install a newer version which, as before, it couldn’t find.  And again – no mouse.

Checking out Acronis’ support forum it seems that the mouse lockup is a very common problem. The only resolution is to not use a USB mouse.

Really ?  In 2011, don’t use a USB mouse ?  This is truly fucked.  Why using a USB mouse would cause it to freeze, but only when using Acronis software is beyond me. Why do they have to fuck with the mouse or USB stack at all ?

So today I removed Acronis True Image Home 2012. They will not receive any more of my money. And I will go out of my way to try and make sure that they don’t receive money from anybody else as well.

Death by MBA – Caveat Emptor.


I’ve had good luck with Macrium Reflect under Windows 8 Pro x64. I’m considering purchasing a copy for my XP Pro SP3 system, but I am in the process of retiring that box. See

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  • yamaneko  On 16-September-11 at 9:05 am

    I’m so disappointed too. This was last drop, I switched True Image something better.

  • Mark  On 3-November-11 at 3:28 am

    Works fine for me.

    • Vic  On 12-April-13 at 5:39 am

      Works fine for you? Are you shure? Did you ever try to do a successful test recovery? True Image 2013 is not fit for release. It should be in the pre beta alpha stage of first testing!

  • Tim  On 26-January-12 at 8:13 pm

    Wish I’d read this before purchasing! Acronis 2012 is a total piece of junk, I have wasted time and money on this software which is not fit for purpose, it can’t back up .tmp files, and always freezes on Recover so its completely useless (apparently it’s because I’m backing up to USB, ha – isn’t that what most people do!

    • Brannon  On 22-March-13 at 10:15 pm

      I loathe this program. Every time I open it it freezes. I just need to change some settings. And what the fuck is with ALL the versions of the backup having to populate the list. I back up our Quickbooks on an hourly basis so there are now HUNDREDS of these useless files that I have to delete ONE AT A TIME. Fuck you Acronis 2012. Their support is useless as well.

  • luvjazzpiano  On 26-January-12 at 8:20 pm

    If you think this is bad, don’t try NovaBackup – it actually trashed my XP SP3 system requiring a complete restore from an earlier TrueImage 11 backup to recover.

  • Acronis Sucks  On 3-April-12 at 5:35 am

    a fucking men!

  • JohnM  On 9-April-12 at 1:55 pm

    Acronis used to make decent products, but they have apparently been taken over by the Russian Mafia or something. I can find no other explanation for such terrible software. Shame on me for buying their products. I won’t make that mistake ever again, EVER.

  • Andre  On 23-July-12 at 3:29 am

    The software interface has progressively gotten more and more chaotic.

    Version 11 (2008) made sense.
    Version 2009 started to get messy.
    Now 2012 doesn’t even provide a progress on the backup.
    It searches the whole system for existing backups.
    It creates a new folder to dump backups into anyway, so I dont know why it bothers to search.

    It makes too many assumptions and has been dumbed down.

    I liked acronis, it was top value.
    Now I hate it with a passion.
    They have lost the plot, changing things for the sake of change.
    They are going to see a huge decline in sales once people buy the new version.

    I will be going back to my previous versions, even if they have a Win7 boot issue.

    (To: WordPress.. Don’t spam my email address)

  • Jack  On 6-August-12 at 5:15 pm

    I agree… Acronis used to be good (version 9) but now it’s a piece of shit.

  • Bob  On 7-August-12 at 1:20 pm

    Yes, version 9 was the best. Since then, they seem to be adding “features” to distinguish themselves from the backup now included with Windows. In my opinion, they should just go back to version 9 and simply add Vista and Win7 support. I neither need nor want their silly additions–I just want something reliable which actually works. What a concept!

  • chris  On 28-August-12 at 11:25 pm

    It screwed up the right click on a folder search, it used to hang for 30 seconds, also “open with” took 30 seconds to open a file. As to why 2012 screwed this up, i can only assume the hooked into the menu in a bad way with 2 new options. It had been driving me nuts for weeks, finally after almost a hour of uninstalling the 2012 (it was hell to get it to uninstall!) my pc now works great again. I used 2009 for a long time, it used to crash now and then, but the layout was much better and it didnt hang my pc up like 2012 does!

  • Bobby B  On 30-August-12 at 7:41 am

    I’ve been battled with ATI 2012 Try&Decide ever since they put out Build 7119. Try&Decide deactivates my Boot Manager. Their Expert Team, (expert for what?), assured me that the new ATI 2013 will be corrected. I just downloaded the trial and tried it. No fuckin way. It still deactivates my Boot Mgr. BTW: Build 6154 did work right or at least, it didn’t fuck up my Boot Mgr. I don’t even go in to my other complaints. I’ll just say, Terrible Software, Terrible Support, Terrible Company. If putting out bad software was a crime, everybody in Acronis would be in jail.

  • FUCK Acronis, in my humble opinion. Humble, like the wankers at Acronis ought to be instead of foisting their badly-broken products on the world via marketing instead of engineering. Twice. Acronis, you give capitalism a bad name, even though it has one already. Die. Slowly and painfully.

  • Don’t ever use this piece of shit software it will completely destroy your PC, I had acronis disk director 2011, i was trying to move space from one partition to another but acronis failed by saying corrupt file, then i couldn’t even boot my system drive got corrupted, the support is also crap, don’t use any software from acronis it’s piece of shit software created to blow up your PC.
    Thanks to MiniTools power data recovery it saved my life.

  • nzzion  On 29-October-13 at 11:36 pm

    I have same problem here omg!!!! for me both key and mouse!

  • Troy Mouni  On 20-July-14 at 5:40 pm

    POS wouldn’t even uninstall properly. I had to manually remove evry trace of the crap and edit the registry. At least I found out why:
    1. My computer wouldn’t shutdown, restart or hibernate.
    2. My iPod wouldn’t be recognised.
    3. My SD card reader failed.
    4. My HDMI sound wouldn’t work on the TV.
    SInce removing this POS, all is well.
    Fuck you ACRONIS.

  • Huckleberry Muckleroy  On 2-September-14 at 1:48 pm

    I have no idea why jerks still keep recommending this piece of crap. I have wasted hours and hours vainly attempting to perform clones with Acronis True Garbage based on on-line reviews. Crap, Crap, Crap!

  • Dwight  On 16-September-14 at 5:54 pm

    I have had it with Acronis True Grab your ankles this program is not worth the money the support is scatter brained and to get my refund from the 3 system purchase took 3 months and tons of time fighting with Acronis for the money
    I have been using Easus FREE and it is so simple to use
    I have not tested the recovery on an XP system but the test on W7 worked fine
    Yep look somewhere else Acronis SUCKS

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