We’re truly fucked…

Had to purchase a birthday present for my niece’s 3-year old son last week. She requested that the item not be made in China – a admirable stand to take and I wanted to comply.

Went to several stores looking for something – lots of items that a 3-year old would want to have, but all made in China.

Come to think of it – almost everything was made in China. I must’ve picked up over 50 different toy candidates – all made in China. I finally had to google “toys not made in china” and found a few websites with items – then had to locate stores that carry such items. I eventually settled on a toy made in Hungary – we don’t even make wooden blocks anymore.

We’ve been sold down the river by corporate greed and dim-witted focus on next quarter’s profits at the expense of everything else. How can you earn $15 Billion dollars profit and pay no taxes ?  Just grease your Congressman.

People (and CongressCritters who aren’t) just don’t seem to realize that this F.I.R.E. economy (Finance, Insurance & Real-Estate) isn’t going to survive. There’s no value add. It’s a giant Ponzi scheme. How can we all expect to charge each other fees for basically doing nothing ?  Where does the increase in worth come from ? All you end up with is a giant bubble that eventually bursts.

Yet we continue to shop at Wal-Mart, drive Japanese cars, allow our legislators to circumvent our best interests and force more and more jobs overseas. Lobbying should be a capital crime.

You want to create jobs ?  Stop buying any products not made in the USA. Painful ?  Sure. But nothing is going to send a message quicker than a massive decline in profits. We need manufacturing jobs back in this country.

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