Acronis True Image Home 2010 – FAIL !

A few years ago, on the basis of several positive reviews I purchased Acronis True Image Home 11. The reviewers were right – this has been a fantastic program and has save my bacon a few times – as recently as a few weeks ago.

Fast forward to today, when my brother had to clone a disk and I recommended Acronis True Image. He went to the website to purchase it – of course, now, the available version is not 11 but 2010.

He tried to use this to clone his hard drive and it got about 75% of the way and then silently locked up. Restarted, repeat, same thing. Nice.

Start reading on the internet and it turns out that Acronis True Image Home 2010 is now a piece of shit – it doesn’t do anything that version 11 used to do – it locks up, corrupts backups, ad nauseum. And, in order to report the problems or attempt to get help you now have to pay in advance for any kind of support. Acronis’ own forums are full of complaints about the product with little or no company responses.

I’m left to wonder why a company would take a wonderful, highly reviewed product and deliberately break it.  My brother figured it out however – Acronis software is bundled with the non-OEM Seagate drives. Seems like a smart move for both companies. However, all hard drives now ship with bad sectors – fact of life due to the rapid increase in density and reduction in price – and he’s sure that Seagate got tired of having to swap out new hard drives that Acronis reported as having bad sectors. So they change the software to silently fail instead – blame gets distributed elsewhere, MBAs for both companies now make their quarter nut and problem solved !

My advice – do not buy any Acronis software anymore. They have deliberately crippled it and do not stand behind it. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

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