Stop Whining and take action !

I’ve seen a few blog posts lately whining about Apple’s platform decisions limiting developer’s choices. Too bad – you’ve given them the power to close off their products and limit your choices ! Don’t like their decisions ?  Vote with your feet and wallets. You’re not entitled to any explanations or rationalizations. If they want a walled off garden – give it to them. There are lots of alternative choices.

Out of work ?  Try eating your Japanese or German car. Again your choices have given them the power to destroy American industry.

Lose money in the great market meltdown ?  Try not doing business with Citibank, Bank of America and the other banks that were too big to fail. Put your money in the smaller, local banks that support your community.

Tired of paying $3 for gas ?  Don’t empower Morgan Stanley and the other crooks whose rampant speculation is artificially driving up the prices of this commodity.

Tired of the poor or missing Government that is ever increasing and leading us to Totalitarianism ?  Vote all of the SOBs out and look for candidates who will promise reform and enact a Constitutional Amendment for term limits and reducing Congressional elitism. The laws and conditions that we have to endure should be good enough for them as well.

If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem…

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