Adios Comcast !

I received a love letter from Comcast when I arrived home yesterday…  Basically after being a loyal customer for over 6 years, Comcast has decided to cancel my $99/month cable/internet service. Their new and improved equivalent service will now be $140/month, or $130/month with their triple play phone/TV/internet offer.

So today I signed up for Verizon FIOS Triple Play service for $99/month with a discount to $70/month for the first 6 months. Unfortunately, with mandatory equipment rental my monthly bill will still be about $130/month, but I will save about $40/month on my landline phone service.  I’ve been on the fence about switching, but Comcast finally helped me to make a decision.

May the Comcast MBAs choke on the flood of customer service cancellations !

Adios Comcast…

UPDATE: At the end of December, I received a customer satisfaction survey phone call from Comcast – that was fun !  The surveyor couldn’t believe that Comcast raised my service by $480 per year and then wanted to know why I wasn’t still a customer. Death by MBA !

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