Be very careful on Facebook…

Recently, my account on Facebook was hacked. A person claiming to be me was soliciting my friends for cash by claiming that I was stuck in London and needed cash to get home to Sarasota. Fortunately, my brother was informed by my niece and then told me after having a short conversation with the asshole. I immediately deleted my Facebook account.

Turns out that the developers of Facebook provide unlimited access to all of your personal information to anyone who is writing the Games, Contests and Quizes that everyone partakes of and shares. So you have no idea who knows what about you – not just your ‘friends’. Think twice and then again about whether or not to post about illness, travel plans, purchases or any other social information that you would share with your friends but not with the whole world. As soon as you post it on Facebook it is in the hands of everyone – not just your ‘friends’.

Would you really trust two Harvard dropouts to have your best interests at heart ?

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