Greed has made the Internet Vulnerable

Recent network outages in the Bay Area as well as others around the nation have revealed the flaw in letting the Telecom carriers provide and manage an increasingly important global resource.

This is not your father’s internet anymore. The network is no longer structured as it was originally designed – to survive these type of disruptions. The network is now solely at the whim of the carriers who are only interested in ‘billable events’. More and more the carriers are deciding whose bits are special and whose aren’t worth the effort to transport. As they continue to construct their tariffed fiefdoms, more of these network chokepoints and bottlenecks will be put in place. Poorer service and increased outages will result – but hey – at least the @#$% MBA in the corner office made his quarterly numbers.

Until we remove the telecoms from the internet scenario, we are forever doomed to live within their limited vision of what a global network should be.

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