Bring on Gas Rationing

Nobody in Congress has the balls to place a significant use tax on gasoline – one that would cause people to demand and embrace alternatives. So instead, let’s institute rationing. Can’t get to work with your ration ?  Time for a new job, more efficient car or maybe mass transit.

Basically we’ve done nothing to wean ourselves off of the oil teat – even with a 50 year warning from the Admiral and the oil embargo wake-up call in the 70’s. We’re paying the price now – literally. The greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world is happening right now as dollars stream to China for crap and Saudi Arabia for oil. The USA is exporting nothing comparable. Of course the joke may soon be on them (and ourselves) as the dollar becomes worthless.

Hope is dimming for any chance of survival through a period of runaway inflation and drastic decline in the standard of living. Colonies on the moon ? Trip to Mars ?  Forget about it. Watch as the USA becomes a third world nation when all of our grandiose infrastructure comes crashing down due to the end of low-cost energy.

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