Seagate SATA Drives experience 50% failure rate

Back in March 2008 I bought two Seagate 500GB SATA drives and installed them – one at work, and one at home.

Yesterday, the drive at home failed to boot Windows XP, missing several files. I was unable to repair the installation by booting from the Windows CD. Running Seagate’s SeaTools for DOS found several hundred errors on the drive.

Yea – it’s got a 5 year warranty, but a 50% failure rate in 2 months ?  Come on !

I hope that this isn’t a fall out from the Maxtor acquisition. The only time that I’ve experienced a higher failure rate was with the ill fated IBM Deathstar 75G drives – which were so bad that there was a class action lawsuit.

I see that the price has dropped 8 percent in the 2 months since I’ve purchased them…

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