Rome is burning while the Congressional idiots are dancing…

Over on the Huffington Post, Raymond Learsy writes on the rapidly approaching death of America:

As Oil Touches All Time Highs, Our Deparment of Energy Takes Us For Fools

"Our oil whiz, Secretary Bodman of the Department of Energy, perhaps a distant cousin of "Great Job Brownie" of Katrina fame, wrote a letter to the New York Times 3.30.08 rebutting points in an editorial "Pain at the Pump and Beyond" 3.25.08, proceeding I would imagine on the assumption that everyone is as much out of the loop on oil issues as he is.

. . .

But it doesn’t stop there. Mr. Bodman and his Department of Energy, certainly at the behest of their (our?) President and Vice President, have sat idly on their hands as the price of oil escalated by some $85 a barrel (from around $25/bbl to over$110/bbl) during the last seven plus years. This nation consumes about 21 million barrels of oil a day and now the additional cascade of American wealth flowing into the pockets of oil interests both here and abroad is approximately $1.78 billion a day ($85/bbl x 21 million barrels) or $564 billion a year. Not to speak of the trillions that have already been transferred to oil patch interests over the last seven years due to escalating oil prices given the benign tolerance of the hacks at the Department of Energy and our Administration. Money that could have been used to expand our fleet of hybrid cars, pay for a major conversion to electric cars (please see "An Essential and Viable Energy Fix and the Renaissance of Detroit" 04.04.08), developing hydrogen powered vehicles , expand wind power and clean coal technology, seriously revisit nuclear power and on Where is the outrage, where is the push back when OPEC President Chakib Khelil pronounces as he did on Tuesdy, with oil prices at $109 a barrel, that "there is no need for OPEC to pump more oil"?

Well don’t despair. As referenced above, our Administration and its factotums at the Department of Energy have over the years set aside $12 billion to deal with this issue of existential importance to the nation’s future. Given their largesse we are asked no to look too closely at the extra trillions going to the oil industry. After all this administration knows who their friends are."

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