Comcast vs Netflix

First it was Comcast vs Verizon – where Comcast blocked e-mails sent from Verizon. Now it appears that the next battle is Comcast vs Netflix.

Recently I stopped receiving e-mails from Netflix on my Comcast e-mail account. A trip to the Netflix website revealed that they had determined that my Comcast e-mail account is no longer valid – funny, I use this account daily for all kinds of e-mail – including notifications about other subscriptions. Re-entering the e-mail address into Netflix clears the error until they attempt to send me another notice – then the error appears again.

Conclusion: Comcast must be actively blocking e-mails from Netflix to their Internet customers – can’t have Comcast subscribers ditching their Pay Per View services can they…

Maybe it’s time to change to Verizon’s FIOS service for TV and Internet – Comcast is really telling me how much they value my business with this blockade.

UPDATE: After getting ahold of someone at Comcast, it appears that the Netflix mail server may be blocked by it’s IP address. They requested that I provide them with the IP address of the Netflix server.  Unfortunately, nobody at Netflix that I can get ahold of can (or should) provide me with this information. Netflix did indicate that they are aware of the problem and are working it on their end.

UPDATE: The blockade continues. It’s now been in place for almost a month…

UPDATE: The blockade has now been extended to e-mails from The GM Card as well…

UPDATE: Switched to Verizon FIOS – adios Comcast.

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