Canon loses the recipe

After having gone through 3 Epson inkjet printers over about 10 years, I decided to try another vendor. I was looking for a multifunction, and the Canon MP830 seemed to fit the bill. The reviews were good, I had a discount coupon for Staples online, and there was a rebate. I bought the printer.

Installed it, worked great!  Quieter than any Epson that I’ve owned, print quality very nice. Got the rebate quickly in the mail, life was good.

One month later, went to turn it on, and it was dead – no lights, nothing. E-mailed Canon tech support, and after a couple of messages back and forth, they agreed to a warranty exchange.

Got the new printer, installed it, again, it worked great. Now 3 weeks later, it too is dead. Started the Canon tech support dance again.

Seems like Canon lost the printer recipe – or at least the power supply portion. I wonder if there is an undersized fuse in the power supply that is prone to blowing ?  I’m tempted to try and fix it myself, but I’ll see what their response is. Too damn bad – I really wanted to like this printer.

UPDATE: A quick google search turned up a number of people experiencing the same problem. The work around is to unplug the printer for 20 minutes. I did this and the printer is now working again. This was also step #6 in the Canon tech support response – this time. I wonder if my original printer would’ve worked after this ‘time-out’.

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