E-Commerce done wrong

I recently tried to order a gift subscription for a relative at the DailyInk. Everything seems to go OK until you get to the point at which you submit the order. At that point, an interim screen displays, indicating that the order is being processed. Then, the order fails with:
Blah blah blah… An XML error has occurred.  Blah blah blah…
So I find a Contact Us menu item, which pops up another form to contact somebody. I first try to contact the webmaster, since I feel that this is a problem with the site’s software. I fill out and submit the form, including links and a copy of the error message. Then shortly thereafter get a confirming e-mail that doesn’t contain the contents of my submission, indicating that the problem has been routed to the appropriate personnel for followup. A day goes by, no other response.
So I try to place the order again the next day, and again it fails in the exact same place with the same error message. I again submit another support request, this time to somebody in sales. We’ll see, but I don’t hold out much hope for doing any business with DailyInk.com. There’s no phone number on the site, no way to contact a human being. Perhaps they’ve all been outsourced…
Update: I just received an e-mail from Daily Ink support, 4 days later, offerring to take my order over the phone. Talking to Mr. Bob Vogel, at Reed Brennan Media, he indicated that sometimes support e-mails generated from their own site, end up in trash folders. With a couple of attempts, Bob was able to take my order and enter it on his end. Shortly thereafter I received confirming e-mails. Bob said that it sounded like a ‘browser issue’ to him. I’m running Win2K SP4, IE6 v6.0.2800.1106…
I hope that my Aunt likes the gift…
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