Net Neutrality vs Communism

The telcos are hopping mad…
Seems like they cobbled together a network built upon the hard work of others, hoping that users and applications would come. Then, when they did, they find out that they have manuvered themselves to holding just a piece instead of the whole schtick.
What the carriers are providing is a taxpayer subsidized communications network. Customers on each end of their ‘pipe’ pay for the priviledge of sending and retrieving bits via their network, built on the public right of way. 
They’ve enforced artificial scarcity to keep their rates high. They’ve put off investing in new equipment and services. They’ve lobbied for government (taxpayers) subsidies. They charge obscene fees for the dribs and drabs of functionality that they allow us. And we’ve all signed up to consume these bandwidth dregs. Other parts of the world have fiber to the home, 3G/4G networks…  we settle for DSL and CDMA.
Everybody is entitled to make money along the service food chain, unless you’re practicing Communism. That includes Google and others that are making money by using the carrier’s services. Nothing stops the carriers from providing their own overpriced alternatives to these services. Nothing stops the carriers from reducing their overhead and expenses to provide their services. Nothing except innovation – which they seem to have lost.
No money to be had in running a pipe ?  Even if you control both ends ?  Better invest in alternatives, innovate or die.
The Telcos are waking up to this, and are desperately trying to legislate a tax to reimburse themselves for their lack of foresight:
Maybe the government (taxpayers) should run the pipe…
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