Comcast disconnects from the Net…

I can no longer send e-mail from my Verizon DSL account to any Comcast e-mail addresses.  It seems that Comcast has decided to disconnect itself from the Internet.
While I understand the deluge of SPAM that is forcing them to act, blacklisting is not the answer. They should be lobbying Congress for CANSPAM legislation with TEETH – send a SPAM e-mail, go directly to jail. Sender verification would go a long way to solving this problem, as would closing down SMTP servers with open relays.
They should be careful in blacklisting Verizon – down here, Verizon FIOS is becoming an attractive alternative to Comcast.
Live by lists – die by lists…
Either my complaints or somebody else’s got this temporarily resolved. As of this morning, this fence has been taken down.  Funny too – since I received no response from Comcast about this, I had written a letter about this to the editor of my local paper, Sarasota Herald Tribune. Today, I got a phone call from a reporter who was tracking local Verizon/Comcast cable franchise issues. I had to tell her that the problem was probably due to SPAM blacklisting, and that it was currently resolved. I was able to send her a couple of e-mails showing the block however.
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