Some comments on the Perception Problem Dogs Engineering…

Some online comments from John Dodge’s article about  the Perception Problem Dogs Engineering.
I especially like this comment:
Submitted by: Anthony Mendoza  
6/16/2005 9:42:31 PM PT
Location: Tucson AZ
Occupation: Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of experience

In China, no one asks if being engineer is the most important job in society. Everyone knows it is and the elite ruling Politburo reflects this: 100% engineers (see page 30 in June 2005 IEEE Spectrum). Yes that is right. ALL the ruling members are engineers. Is it any wonder that they are running over us economically? They are being run by people who understand technology. We are not. Unfortunately for us, the shortage is real and it is being driven by the factors that the other readers have so well elucidated. We in America are about to discover the harsh reality that our technology is in the heads of the engineers. You lose those heads, you lose the technology. The Chinese realize this. We are in for some very hard times.

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