Problem with Linksys WMP55AG


I have a Linksys WMP55AG PCI network adaptor in my MCE 2005 box. While it works OK, it has a problem coming out of S3 standby. If I run the Linksys tray application and refresh the site list, the adaptor appears to correctly wakeup and start operating again. Occasionally, I have to re-enter the pre-shared key to get it to start working again.

There doesn’t appear to be any power management options for the device under the control panel, device manager or network settings. Does anybody have any ideas ?

Update: The problem could be with the other end of the link – the Linksys WAP55AG access point/router. This unit has a heat problem – it can’t be stacked above or below the Linksys BEFCMU10 Cable Modem or by itself on a flat surface without constantly resetting. Tilting the front of the unit slightly to allow more airflow underneath the box seems to allow it to operate in a 75F environment with only occasional resets. I can detect the resets by monitoring the loss/restore of the wired connection to my Win2K3 server. Perhaps this unit is dropping the wireless connection and failing to recover until it is pinged from the other end… I have to say that the problems with these two Linksys products has soured me on the company. There have been no firmware updates for either product in over a year, and there appear to be numerous complaints about the company and their products on the ‘net. Technical support is non-existant.

Update: I have found other anecdotal reports on the ‘net about Windows XP problems with wireless network cards losing connectivity with and without S3 standby thrown into the mix.  I guess that I should’ve stuck with a wired or powerline modem. I may have to wait for XP SP3…


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