Grumpy Old Programmers…

Saw this site for Grumpy Old Programmers today whilst reading Chris Sells’  blog entry…

These beliefs from the site hit home:

  • MooreIsLess’s Law. Which, given Moore’s Law, holds that the time taken to boot a Microsoft Operating System is constant.
  • LessIsMore’s Law. Which states that the value of any given Design Pattern is inversely proportional to the total number of Design Patterns currently in circulation.
  • That the Law of Misplaced Inference (which states that if a technology is good for one thing it must by inference be universally applicable) is both malevolent and endemic.
  • That Object Orientation is a blight on the software industry (yes, of course we know what it is – we were bored sick of it by 1990). That OO is responsible for programmers losing sight of the principles of Structured Design: low coupling and high cohesion. For this reason we are slightly in favour of Service Oriented Architecture (which is a re-hash of Structured Design).
  • That XML has already outlived its usefulness (Face it: it’s already so complex as to be unreadable by humans. So let’s agree on a simple binary standard and stop pointlessly wasting hardware).
  • That Web Services are a social evil. For this reason, we think that Service Oriented Architecture is probably the devil’s work after all.
  • That the word ‘cool’ has no place in the programming business (we blame Miles Davis for its birth).  It epitomises the dumbing down of programming into a fashion statement and makes us cross.
  • That it is ridiculous to believe that programming is a Single Discipline. No-one would think of targeting bricklayers, civil engineers and town planners with the same tools, training and trade literature and yet the distinct groups of workers that are labelled ‘programmers’ are treated as one. This results in confusion, misplaced snobbery and failed projects.
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